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Unlock more sales of your skin care products and treatments.
Reduce skin 
consultation times by over 60%

A simple to use revolutionary diagnostic AI & AR Skin Analysis.

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A comprehensive skin diagnostic of 14 concerns using a smart phone or tablet.
Plus it can produce a downloadable personalised skin-score report for each and every client scanned in seconds!
Our AI Skin Analysis Tool provides a real-time online personalised skin diagnostic of 14 skin concerns, all from a 3 second face scan using a smartphone, tablet or laptop camera. Our Skin Analysis Tool is powered by state-of-the-art deep learning technology for any live camera mode enabled devices.

Apple IOS* & Android phones, tablets and webcams recommended*
Enjoy SkintonicsAI FREE for 7 days when you complete the sign up.

A payment card is required to access the free trial but no payment is taken for this period.

Increase Your Skincare Sales, Treatment Courses & Customer Loyalty

By integrating the AI Skin Diagnostic technology into your business and customer personalisation relationships, you'll be creating a new customer experience and a social talking point. See your business grow, unlock more sales & more appointments by offering skin analysis.

Verified By Dermatologists

The solution is built using over 70,000 medical grade images. Results have been proven to be accurate at identifying skin concerns in a medical study, displaying a 95% test-retest reliability rate.

Alternative To Skin Questionnaires

Our AI technology produces faster, more standardised skin readings with higher accuracy compared to traditional questionaires and surveys. It allows skincare professionals to provide precise treatment and product  recommendations.

*Device and Browser Compatibility

iOS: iPhone8+ or higher with iOS 15 and above

1. iOS Safari v15+ 2. iOS Chrome v100 with iOS 15+

Android: Android OS 9.0 or higher

Chrome for Android v100

*Acne detection doesn't support below devices:

iOS: iPhone 8 and under Android: 1. Samsung galaxy note 9 2. Samsung s9+

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